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Megan Peters

Leading Asia Pacific Sales Development at Okta, the Identity Cloud.
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Jerome Jul 09, 2018 971 views

How do I apply for study abroad if I don't go to a school that offers it?

-Very Curious

#study-abroad #international #college #college-advising #travel #studying-abroad

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David May 30, 2019 698 views

How should I best manage schoolwork and a healthy lifestyle in college?

Anyone can answer, students and professionals alike. I'd like to know how you all manage it. #health #college #sleep

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Ben May 10, 2018 1381 views

How do I get a job out of college as an account manager? What makes a successful advertising account manager?

I am graduating in December 2018 with a degree in Advertising from San Jose State University. I want to work in account management/client services in an advertising agency after graduation. I have a bit of familiarity with what this role entails and what the advertising industry is like....

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Christian Jun 27, 2018 3555 views

How could I mix engineering with marketing as a career?

#engineer #sales #marketing #techmarketing

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Matthew Jun 29, 2016 1083 views

What are good undergraduate business majors for an entrepreneurship track?

I'm a business student entering his second year of university. While I still am taking prerequisite classes, I want to declare my major first. My ultimate goal is to own my own business, yet I'm realistic and realize that'll be difficult right out of college. Therefore, what are good business...

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jase Apr 05, 2018 1276 views

How do you expect a person to dress for an interview?

#career #interviews #interview-preparation