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How do you expect a person to dress for an interview?

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James’s Answer


It really depends on the company and culture, and to some extent the job. Generally a suit is a best bet with a tie being option in most West Coast companies, but required in most East Coast companies. Usually a darker suit is a better option as it is more conservative.

Ffjorren’s Answer



No matter the position or the industry, be sure to "dress for success." There are many old standards that still stand true:

1) Dress for the job you ultimately want to land in the future (I.e. Director, VP or C level)

2) It's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed (right!?!)

3) You are representing yourself, your desire and dedication to the potential job, and maybe even career path. Show it off in your Sunday's best.

4) One of the first, most important glimpses they'll have into who you are: A GENUINE SMILE : )

5) Your posture speaks volumes...make sure to stand tall, and walk proud.

6) And, one more (out of many), when you shake their hand, make sure to look at them. Eye contact is truly an important part of human connection.

Good luck, and be well! Ffjorren

Chad’s Answer


having sat on the other side of the table interviewing candidates, I have seen it all! My suggestion is to always dress for the interview in a suit (tie optional). Its much worse to under-dress than it is to over-dress.

Poonam’s Answer


A proper clean and tidy attire is half the battle won ! Therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention towards what you are wearing, along side your job interview training and interview preparation part.

Here are some of the “do’s” and “dont’s” as far as your interview attire is concerned. Hope that these would help you to give an insight into the same.

  1. In the event that your interview attire is over an year old, then it is time that you go for another high-quality wear which is faultlessly cut, fits you impeccably and in which you look awesome. In case of administration or executive roles, then you have to look like it and the suit should be of the absolute best quality to mirror your status. Looking great additionally will enable you to feel good.
  2. Accessories are similarly vital. Handbags and briefcases ought to be savvy and the contents well placed. Pens ought to be of good quality. Business cards ought to be flawless ideally speaking in their own particular holder.

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Megan’s Answer


It depends on the company culture. For sales, it's common to dress Business Professional, as this type of role commonly dresses up more. It doesn't hurt to be overdressed, but you may get dinged if you're under dressed!

Megan recommends the following next steps:

  • I think it's very appropriate and I would advise you to ask the recruiter what the company dress code is. Then, I would recommend dressing up at least one step from there.
  • Another piece of advice would be to ask a mentor in the industry/region in which you're interviewing to understand what is commonly accepted.

Michael’s Answer


Hi Jase,

Coming from someone who has been in the recruitment industry for some time, you wear a suit and tie regardless of where the interview is or what the job is for. Most companies' dress code is business casual or lower these days, but wearing a suit and tie on your interview shows your dedication and importance of the job.



Kristen’s Answer

Always over dress. Be classic. Wear proper fitting, pressed clothing. Well groomed. Well mannered. It’s all part of being sufficiently prepared. And look at your shoes! Polish them up. Good luck.