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Zoe P.’s Avatar
Zoe P. Apr 01, 2015 1098 views

What are the different types of careers in Journalism?

I'm in the eleventh grade, and I want to study Journalism. I already know I want to be a Broadcast Journalist. I would also like to know some other jobs there are with in the Journalism community. journalism...


Brandon F.’s Avatar
Brandon F. May 18, 2021 260 views

Is it hard doing your military work while getting a college degree?

I'm graduating in 4 weeks and my plans is to be a part of the military. I'm trying to prepare to be active in the military while pursuing a college degree. military...


Brionna P.’s Avatar
Brionna P. Jun 02, 2021 110 views

Does being a lawyer affect your chances of having a second career ?

I want to pursue my career as a lawyer but I also want to have time to try another career....


Trina K.’s Avatar
Trina K. May 06, 2020 874 views

How do i find my perfect job?

I am a high school student who needs to start thinking about her future and i do not know where to start. job student...


Nathan O.’s Avatar
Nathan O. May 11, 2021 128 views

does hvac fall under engineering as college major?

That's what I want to go to school for....


Malcolm  H.’s Avatar
Malcolm H. May 26, 2016 523 views

Is having a sense of moral accountability important in the entertainment industry?

With the many movies, tv movies, and social media we often times see artist conforming to the negative ways of society. I know that it may not be intentional but a lot of times artist and celebrities do things that aren't exactly moral in order to keep the fame photography theatre actor...

singer films model television radio

Emilia U.’s Avatar
Emilia U. Jan 19, 2018 304 views

What is the most adequate study group size?

In college there are various group studies with all kinds of people, in your experience, what is the most adequate and effective way to study? what size group and where? studygroups...


Mia Q.’s Avatar
Mia Q. Apr 29, 2018 439 views

How can you save money when your future depends on you spending it?

I love music and I plan to become a band director and in order to get accepted into a good music school I need to stay in the band program at my school. To be in the program it costs $1250 each year and $1000 to join a winter program. I love this program but I just don't know if I can afford it...

saving band money bandfees music careervillage

hargun K.’s Avatar
hargun K. Sep 15, 2021 243 views

How do I become a string applicant when applying for masters in Nursing?

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to get a year of experience before applying for masters in nursing and was wondering what I can do to ensure my success in the application process graduate-school healthcare nurse nursing college masters...


Lanayjah J.’s Avatar
Lanayjah J. May 24, 2021 197 views

what are the biggest strengths in the role of a social worker?

I am a future psychologist who wants to go to school for social work . social-worker...


Ivan B.’s Avatar
Ivan B. Sep 01, 2017 470 views

Computer Science Jobs

Is the computer science job market going to continue to grow or is there a surplus of people studying computer science and taking most of the future jobs?...


Alexandra F.’s Avatar
Alexandra F. Jul 29, 2018 496 views

How to get a fully-paid internship (in another state) for the summer?

Next summer, I want to explore a software engineering internship in another state. However, due to financial circumstances I would need for the internship to pay for my housing as well. Any tips on how to secure an internship that offers this? Thank you so much for your guidance....

summer-internship travel technology internships software

Jeremy B.’s Avatar
Jeremy B. Mar 30, 2015 1590 views

How do I become a professional archer?

I'm very athletic and I love archery. I want to do something with my career that has something to do with archery. athletics...


Savanna N.’s Avatar
Savanna N. Oct 26, 2016 759 views

Does having a minor in Web Design increase my chances of a company hiring me (with a Computer Science Bachelors)?

I am interested in computer science but a family friend had also took computer science and ended up changing to Web Design. That made me think more about minoring in Web Design but I'm not sure if there is much I can do with a Web Design minor or if it even looks good to companies when looking...

computer-software software-development computer-science web-design

Lanayjah J.’s Avatar
Lanayjah J. May 20, 2021 122 views

What kind of clients are the most difficult to work with for social workers?

I'm interested in social work but I'm not sure which field i want to go into yet....


dari W.’s Avatar
dari W. Sep 01, 2017 490 views

To become a specialist in business management, will I have to network myself?

i hear business management is a hard way to get a job if you're not known in the right areas. business...


Mia Q.’s Avatar
Mia Q. Apr 29, 2018 521 views

How do you keep people happy in bad conditions?

I am in the marching band at my school. We practice for 6 months in hot South Florida and sometimes people decide to just give up. As a section leader and leader in the band I have a responsibility to keep spirits high when we spend hours outside running around in 100+ degree weather. How do...

happy inspiration mentoring

Payton  .’s Avatar
Payton . Apr 07, 2015 1081 views

What classes should to become a chef?

i 'm a student and i am in 6th grade and in a few years i really want to be a chef when i grow up i love the food network channel and their chefs arts cooking culinary-arts baking chefs...