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Lake Worth, Florida
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Annie Jun 14 473 views

Does this course rigor look strong for college? How many dual enrollment course should I take, and what AP? For a science major.

I’m going to be a senior in High School, I have straight A’s and have taken honors classes since ninth grade. I’ve only taken AP language so far, and I think I will only take AP Human Geography next year. I will also take dual enrollment classes. How many dual enrollment classes should I take?...

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Annie Jun 04 1056 views

What are the best schools in Florida for introverted students who study hard?

I want a school that has a pretty good reputation. I want good instructors and a school that is in a safe area.

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Annie Jun 04 923 views

Should I retake my SAT if I got a 1380 on it?

I will most likely go to a college in Florida (University of central Florida or University of Florida). I also want to major in a science.