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Should I choose a minor that is similar or different to my major?

I am a public health major and I'm not sure if I should choose a minor that is health/science related or something completely different to widen my area of study.

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2 answers

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Jared’s Answer

Hello Dorothy Deane D,

It really depends on what position you are looking at when you get out of college. If you are looking at going into management then you may want a minor in business, finance or communications.  If you are looking at being a health worker then more health classes will probably be needed.

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Rebecca’s Answer

A minor isn't going to hinder your job choices. If you're very interested in another topic and like that area of study, it will only show employers that you have strong interests in subjects that will make you seem well rounded. If there aren't any subjects that truly are an interest for you, minoring in a subject in a health/science field will also give you more insight into what specifically you would want to do. Picking a minor isn't going to be your "end-all, be-all" as it will only further your studies!