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Career Questions tagged Investors

Cindy B.’s Avatar
Cindy B. Dec 22, 2020 293 views

I want to build a property (a luxury treehouse). Does anyone have experience in building floor plans or general advice?

I want to build a treehouse business. So far I have: Found mentors Wrote the why, vision and goals of my business plan Researched the market I now want to build a floor plan to use on my website as a Minimum Viable Product that I can show to investors/programmes. Can anyone please help me...

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JC S.’s Avatar
JC S. Jan 10, 2018 696 views

What steps would you take in order to become an entrepreneur?

I've wanted to become an entrepreneur since I was young, but I am not sure how I would go about " starting a company." Also, I know that I want to start a business, but I am not yet sure what field I want to work in, or what service or product my business could offer. How would I start a...

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Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Sep 24, 2016 782 views

How do you create a investment portfolio?

I want to ensure any organization, before we collaborate on an assignment my financial track record. For example 3-5 prior to me taking over the organization. An introduction of behaviors and habits for initially, what will consider as a ground breaking process, Next, individuals will be...

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sayavath S.’s Avatar
sayavath S. May 14, 2016 745 views