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How do you create a investment portfolio?

I want to ensure any organization, before we collaborate on an assignment my financial track record. For example 3-5 prior to me taking over the organization. An introduction of behaviors and habits for initially, what will consider as a ground breaking process, Next, individuals will be reviewed for hire, while some will be removed from there position others are replacing them.In the durantion of new individual,hire a grouping of shared ideas through separate time slots and days, weeks and months from the senior employee. While introducing new habits and behaviors of who, what, where, why and when plus how as the organiztion proceed with advertisement. #business #professional #japan #director #athlete #actors #estate #investors

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2 answers

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Mikio’s Answer

See: http://www.seic.com/Institutions/SEI-Quick-Poll-FNP-_Top-10-Investment-Priorities-2012-Feb-12.pdf

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Vikshith’s Answer

Assess your risk tolerance. As you build a portfolio, it helps to understand your risk tolerance by determining your investor profile. ...
Consider your asset allocation. ...
Choose the right investments.