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Christopher Wilson

Fraud InvestigationsManager, Writer/Editor/Content Producer, Prior I.T.
Investigations, Bank Fraud, Information Systems, Journalism.
Potomac, MD
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Stephen O. Mar 18, 2015 9121 views

What is the best technology major to choose in order to get a job at a big tech company like Apple, or Google.

I am a High School senior, and I have a passion for technology, but I do not want to major in computer science due to the intense amount of math. What other majors are available in order to still get a job at a major tech company. technology career-path majors google...


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Michael G. Sep 22, 2016 829 views

How do I find funding,after establishing a business plan?

This is the next stage in my business endeavors. I am more worried about getting it done, based upon the act I am worried about failing. Plus, as a public service or charitable organization, I want to able to give back. I am in graduate school and learning more than I knew prior. Being able to...

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Michael G.’s Avatar
Michael G. Sep 24, 2016 844 views

How do you create a investment portfolio?

I want to ensure any organization, before we collaborate on an assignment my financial track record. For example 3-5 prior to me taking over the organization. An introduction of behaviors and habits for initially, what will consider as a ground breaking process, Next, individuals will be...

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isabella C.’s Avatar
isabella C. Feb 17, 2021 182 views

How do you get started in real estate? Is it a good career?

I'm still in middle school, yet I have already had a plan since elementary. I was wondering what exact types of education and or classes, I would have to take in collage to buy real estate, flip it, and sell. If so how much do you make for the first few years, would it be good to have a...

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Tasneem A.’s Avatar
Tasneem A. Feb 28, 2021 282 views

Any tips for becoming an ambassador?

What are the main subjects/majors I should focus on to become an ambassador? What should I study? Any tips? career-advice studies...


Ramon C.’s Avatar
Ramon C. Mar 23, 2021 209 views

How should I go about becoming a streamer.

My name is Ramon Coleman i'am 17 and I want to be a professional streamer. professionals...