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How do I find funding,after establishing a business plan?

This is the next stage in my business endeavors. I am more worried about getting it done, based upon the act I am worried about failing. Plus, as a public service or charitable organization, I want to able to give back. I am in graduate school and learning more than I knew prior. Being able to connect with other business leader will help my development. #japan #actors #professional-sports #public-policy #organizational-leadership #philanthropist #non-profit-organization

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3 answers

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Syed’s Answer

To start with, would like to appreciate the courage you have to start up your own business.
you need to try and get started a little, and then look for forums where your product might get a good lime light.
there are a lot many people who are ready to invest on you, you just need to get started.
i would suggest you to watch a TV Show with name SHARK TANK. you will have better idea on how to start things.
you may also end up going to shark tank with your idea and get the best out of it.
Wish you all the very best.

Syed - Thank you for your answer. We need more advice like this, now more than ever! There are more than 1k unanswered questions on CV right now. Hoping you'll answer a few more this week! Jordan Rivera COACH

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Christopher’s Answer

You need to take into account the fact that your first business will likely fail, but that won't make you a business failure. Learn from your mistakes and move onto your next great idea. If you want to work in the Not-for-Profit field, this is a great time to apply for government grants to assist you.

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Jennifer’s Answer

This a really good question.

I have some advice for how to present your idea for funding once you are able to find a viable audience.

In my job, I see a lot of projects come up for funding. The ones that see success are those that have some key elements:

  1. The project/idea is CLEAR and EASY to understand.
  2. The project/idea benefits someone in some way (and the presenter is able to quantify HOW much benefit the project will bring and WHEN those benefits will be shown).
  3. It is clear HOW the benefits will be calculated/tracked.
  4. The presentation stays to the point and does not ramble on about details that are unimportant to the audience (if they want to know they will ask).
  5. The presenter is understanding and cooperative if the audience comes back with questions or additional requests for more detail/research before approving funding. If you are more willing to help those funding the project get behind the idea, the more likely you will be to get funding.