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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Heather Aug 09, 2018 673 views

whats the best route for scholarships?

the amount there are is overwhelming, and not all of them need the same essays anymore, some require blogs or are just a drawn-out-of-a-hat chance. whats the best way to comb through these, and/or apply for them? #event-planning #medicine

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Vilma Jan 14, 2019 723 views

Does it matter what college you go to to become a computer scientist?

#computer #computer-programming #technology

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Patrick Aug 30, 2018 502 views

Is the online server business profitable?

I am interested in hosting a Minecraft server for the purpose of creating a small income stream in the years ahead. The idea for the server is unique and I feel that it will attract many players, but I am wondering if all of the work will have any tangible results. I expect most of the money to...