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As an event planner, how do you go about gaining and keeping customers?

Asked Northfield, Minnesota

I am a junior in high school, and I am thinking about becoming an event planner. I was wondering how event planners, go about attracting customers and how you keep them coming back. #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner #meeting-planner #event-marketing

2 answers

bridget’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Bria:

Many event planners begin their careers working for country clubs, hotels, resorts and restaurants! I worked briefly as an "Executive Meeting Manager" for a global hotel chain. Nifty about that was the opportunity to move from property to property (Scottsdale, San Diego, Albuquerque...).

I recently came across the story of Jennifer Gilbert and find it pretty amazing. She started from the ground up, cold calling and word of mouth.

Check this out, you'll be inspired:


Best to you!


Fantastic job, kiddo! Great questions and I'm really glad you've already received feedback!

Kristen A’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Bria - I think you're already doing step 1 which is thinking ahead and being detail oriented. To gain customers you need a large network of people that know your work. One suggestion is to keep photographs in a portfolio or website that you can share with potential clients to show them the work you've done previously. (Include all visuals of an event - welcome reception, name tags/table number, arrangements, people enjoying an event, etc..) As for keeping clients: stay on budget of what you proposed to them, remember the small details that matter most to them (every client is different) and at the end follow up with a handwritten thank you note for selecting you as their planner. I try to include an unexpected photo that will mean something to the client (Ex - for a wedding event a candid photo the photographer didn't get b/c they may have set up for the next "scene" like the walk down the aisle. For a charity event, a photo that captures the reason for the event, etc..

Kristen A recommends the following next steps:

  • Since you are a junior in high school I would try to get a summer job with an event company so that you can see all the hard work that happens behind the scenes.
  • Write out some "worst case scenarios" and then how you will respond to them. Something ALWAYS goes wrong at events and it can cause great amounts of stress unless you are prepared. You're young so start mentally preparing for that now and how you can react so that you do not get overly stressed and can quickly/calmly react to the situation.