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Kayla May 17, 2016 998 views

Being a Business major I find that the field is very broad. Is it smart to shoot for a job in particular when deciding on what major to choose?

I was undecided until I got accepted into the School of Business at University of New Haven. Just making sure I chose the right major or if I should continue being undecided for a while longer. #business

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Mar 14, 2017 5279 views

Besides a high GPA, what extracurricular or activities do the big 4 firms like to see?

As an accounting major, my target dream employer is of course the big 4 firms. I was told recently that grades are the first thing that they look at before even considering everything else, so I am shifting gear to focus on that. However, I am now wondering what sort of extracurricular or...

Inayah’s Avatar
Inayah May 18, 2016 1326 views

Can you play sports, join a sorority, and be in ROTC all at the same time?

I am asking this question because I want to run track in college, but I also want to join a sorority. If i do not get a full scholarship in track I want to join ROTC to pay for my tuition. I know that all of these things take up alot of time, but I just want to know if its possible....

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 27, 2016 708 views

How do I pick a major?

Im still not sure what im looking to do or if theres something that will fit my interest. #business #children #pyschology