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What are important steps to be taken in the stage of begining college life ?

i must be a good attitude person #education #pyschology

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Time Management - manage your time wisely, between classes, studying and experiencing college offerings such as speakers, events, etc.

School - Life balance. Find time for both school and life by finding time for both. Study but also find time for yourself - learn, explore, live life.

Things may change - friends, majors, finances but understand that is part of life and adapt. Add friends, keep in touch with old ones. Majors may change once you're in the program - you may find that is not your passion - so if you need to change, identify that and find something you're passionate about. Finally, your not a failure if you don't graduate in four years. Its ok.

Good Luck on YOUR journey

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Denise’s Answer

Hi Janani,

Beginning your college journey is one that is extremely rewarding. With that said, I think you should relax and enjoy the journey. Take time to get acquainted with your new roommate, friends and your college campus. You are going to meet people that will have a tremendous impact on your life. If you focus your energy on enjoying the process of learning and maturing, you will have an amazing time. Best wishes to you at your chosen college.

Denise recommends the following next steps:

Visit the campus of your choice and talk to current students about their experiences.