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Careers in Social Work

I’m working towards my Masters in SW. What are some careers that involve more therapy and working with families and teens? Even foster families and teens. #social-work #social-worker #pyschology

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2 answers

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cassandra’s Answer

Hello Rachel H.
The following jobs may be of interest to you:

Child Welfare
Child welfare specialists place children in suitable environments, supervising through home visits, and ensuring children receive proper medical care and schooling. These specialists often make difficult decisions for children, including whether to remove them from their homes

Social and Human Service Assistant
These professionals help determine what resources and client services would best benefit their clients. They work with their clients and other professionals to derive effective treatment plans

Child, Family, and School Social Worker
These social workers aim to enhance the psychological and social functioning of children and their families. They sometimes help parents arrange adoptions and find foster homes for abused or abandoned children.

Hope this helps!

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Elizabeth’s Answer

You can try working for the Federal Government as a Family Resource Specialist or more specifically in Suicide Prevention; my mom worked in this field for 15 years and was able to help families and teens in the Coast Guard.

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