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Marc Brian M. Jan 10, 2018 322 views

What characteristics/skills are needed in order to be a great nurse?

I want to know this question because I need to know what skills need to be possed in order to be a nurse that is great. #nurse #career...


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Pocahontas V. Jan 15, 2018 306 views

What is a Day in the Life like for a social worker?

I am interested in majoring in sociology in college? #sociology...


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Nicholas M. Jan 16, 2018 215 views

What experience or insight should I have as trying to become a music major?

Currently I am trying to pursue either Music Therapy or Music Education as a major and just wanted to know some basics behind what skills or things I should have prior. #music #musician #college #professional...


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Stephen P. Jan 17, 2018 228 views

How to be more social in college

I'm just asking this because I don't know how to outside of obvious reasons. I tried joining a Fraternity but it got too serious too fast. I also have Epilepsy which forbids me from alcohol and other substances. How do I manage to make and keep friends in college when all I find fare people...

#college-advice #social

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Hanan M. Apr 11, 2018 241 views

Any tips for studying for the AP Government exam?

There are so many things I'm confused on like which court cases to study for? #apgov #ap #government #testing...


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Brooklyn S. May 19, 2018 271 views

Should I get a work study job that is related to my major?

I want to major in business marketing, but I was wanting to get a work study in the rec center. #workstudy #major...


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Rachel H. May 22, 2018 263 views

Careers in Social Work

I’m working towards my Masters in SW. What are some careers that involve more therapy and working with families and teens? Even foster families and teens. #social-work #social-worker...


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Ashley L. May 26, 2018 212 views

What are some unique skills a clinical psychologist would have?

I've heard interpersonal skills, patience, and organization, but it would be nice to learn about something that I wouldn't expect but could definetly help me. #psychology...


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TNyjah M. Aug 01, 2018 232 views
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Edalene J. Dec 05, 2018 179 views

How do you use your skills you got in college in your current career?

I'm currently enrolled in Job Corps, training to be a Medical Administrative Assistant and I want to know some skills I would need to have in order to be a great MAA. #skills #maa...


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Wah O. Mar 15, 2019 165 views
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Zephaniah W. May 31, 2019 185 views
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Jordan F. Sep 06, 2019 123 views

is my interest in becoming a exotic animal specialized veterinarian unrealistic? what are the advantages and disadvantages?

I am a Senior student at William J. Brennan High school looking for information on becoming a veterinarian. I specifically want to pursue becoming an Exotic Animal Vet and wouldn't mind traveling at the beginning of my career to do so but i would like to know my chances and what i must do to...

#problems #animal-health #veterinary-medicine #advantages #opportunities #benefits #veterinary #veterinarian #scarcity #job-outlook #exotic-animals #relativity #solutions #animals #disadvantages