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Tucson, Arizona

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Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin 2 days ago 191 views

Is it possible to get into Sports Management without a college degree?

what are the core skills needed to become a sports manager?

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Feb 20 355 views

Is an aeronautic engineering degree a necessity to work in aircraft maintenance?

I'd really like to know if it's possible to start a career in aircraft maintenance with only an high school diploma.

Tio’s Avatar
Tio Jan 16 767 views

Hello! How'd you get started out in a Penetration Testing career and how did you get your first tech job?

I started out getting technical support training but that doesn't seem like enough foundational knowledge.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 20, 2023 233 views

How do I prepare myself to apply to Leiden university when I'm an American?

-My aunt works there and my parents are very enthusiastic about me going there.
-I have a 4.0 and extra cirriculars.

Georgina’s Avatar
Georgina Aug 15, 2023 223 views

How do I know if what I choose to be, is what I actually want to do, and not regret it?

If I choose a certain career path but I decide it’s not for me, am I able to change? I don’t really know what I want to do yet, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort into one thing, but then end up regretting it. How do I know a certain career path is what I want to do?

ally’s Avatar
ally Jul 20, 2023 279 views

Why is going to college important for my furture?

Attending college costs a lot of money that could be invested else where, why is it a good discison to go to college instead of traveling or immeadly going into the work force?

Martina’s Avatar
Martina May 25, 2023 192 views

How do I get into college for dentistry or nursing and then what do I do after college to make more than 90k a year?

I love science, I have a 4.0 GPA, and next year I'll be going into my sophomore year in high school.

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar May 09, 2023 144 views

what kind of people should i surround myself with?

I think I have a somewhat clue of the kind of people i should surround myself with but i will like your guys feed back

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 19, 2022 536 views

Employers: How important is school ranking when hiring?

Hello, I am currently in high school and I want to study mechanical engineering to hopefully break into aerospace. I would like to work for JPL or Boeing in the future but I cannot afford to attend colleges out of state (where it has much better rankings) because of how expensive everything...

Yvonne’s Avatar
Yvonne Dec 01, 2021 414 views

Do you think that a career in Certified Nurse Assisting is worth pursuing?

If money was not an issue, do you think that pursuing a career in CNA is worth the pursuit? I love helping people, baking, dance, reading. #nursing #cna

Yvonne’s Avatar
Yvonne Dec 01, 2021 575 views

What is a regular day like for a Certified Nursing Assistant?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA. I love to serve people and assist them in any way I can. I am kind, patient, and loving. I like to read, write, dance, and bake. I would like to know what nurse assistants do day in and day out. Tell me a day in the life of a CNA. #nurse #nursing #cna

Yvonne’s Avatar
Yvonne Dec 01, 2021 438 views

How did you know you wanted to be a CNA?

I am a student learning a trade in CNA and I would love to research more about this career field to get a better understanding if this career is a good fit for me. #cna #nursing #career #healthcare

Ruben’s Avatar
Ruben Jul 27, 2021 720 views

is a good career in aerospace engineer?

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineering

Keiryn’s Avatar
Keiryn Apr 29, 2021 388 views

What career paths should I explore?

I am about to earn a bachelor's degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences. I got denied to the master's program. So I am looking for something to do until I can either apply again next year or something that I might like more. I am still unsure if Speech Pathology is the right thing...

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Dec 07, 2020 404 views

Over Exercising

so i want to know if anything can happen i use to go to a gym that was a gym at a house not in a building and wanted to know if you are like 10 year old and over exercise because they use to push you hard and exercise there for hours and overtrain i heard that exercising too much increases...

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