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Other than completing degree if any thing gives us money later ? Which business can i prefer?

i can finish up my school life , but after that i like to do business, rather than continuing my studies ..then what of business can i prefer #doctor #pyschology #legal #typography

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Charles Pravin Paul’s Answer

Well, degree is not everyone's cup of tea.There are over million individuals who are self-employed with no employees other than themselves. With drive, initiative, and a quality product, it may be more attainable than you think to make it on your own. In fact, some of the most successful men of the 20th and 21st centuries were entrepreneurs without a college degree:

• Michael Dell
• Walt Disney
• Henry Ford
• Bill Gates
• Steve Jobs

All of these men took the initiative and started businesses they were passionate about, and were sure would change the world.
The barriers to starting a business have never been lower. With a computer and an internet connection, there are a slew of business opportunities that can be launched with even just $100 from the comfort of your own home Or consider the ease of starting a business selling any kind of handmade good with an online website. You could even become an antiques trader and seller with nothing but an eBay account. With just an internet connection and copious amounts of hustle, the possibilities are truly only limited by your own creativity.
One of the great things about starting a business these days is how much information and free education is available. Your local bookstore will have shelves and shelves of business books, and a quick Google search can get you started down the road of entrepreneurship in no time. The Art of Manliness was built from the ground-up by Brett and Kate with mostly their own gumption. Using Google, they installed WordPress, designed the website, created an online store, sold advertising, and have now been running a successful business for six years. (Although they would also say that their college and graduate degrees greatly aided in the writing and critical thinking skills so necessary to running a successful blog).
While it’s certainly true that more small businesses fail than succeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur who didn’t learn invaluable lessons even amidst their failures. Do you have zeal for something you created as well as good people skills? (Those are two qualities that entrepreneurs say catalyzed their success.) If so, perhaps taking the steps to start your own business is a better idea than spending four years in college.
If art is your passion – be it music, painting, sculpting, etc. – you should strongly consider not attending a 4-year college.
In building your following and clientele, really what you’re doing is starting a business. And you have to treat it like a business. Don’t fall into that “starving artist” stereotype of the lazy, couch-surfing bum who can only work when inspiration strikes. Even if art is your calling, you’ll have to work your butt off, just like with any other profession.
Online college-level courses have boomed in the last couple years, with Coursera and EdX leading the way. While YouTube and a variety of websites freely offer lectures for the public to consume, Coursera and EdX offer certificates of completion, and with a small fee, those certificates can be university-verified.
While you won’t get college credit for taking these courses, they are absolutely college-level, and will teach you some very valuable and practical skills that can be applied to a number of professions. If you don’t have a degree on your resume, being able to show a handful of certificates for specific skills is much better than nothing at all.
One option that every aspiring entrepreneur should consider is to simply get a job and work for a year or two before deciding on their business. Even if you start at minimum wage, things like showing up early and staying late, having integrity in the workplace, and treating customers and coworkers with respect will move you up the chain. Believe it or not, those seemingly simple characteristics are in high demand.
By working full-time at a fast food joint, or as a barista, or doing landscaping, you’ll learn invaluable life lessons. You’ll learn about customer service, about bucking up and working even when you don’t want to, about budgeting your income, about balancing life and work.

Finally when you get going, follow these simple things,
• Get Active
• Understand your why
• Have an accountability buddy
• Create small, bite-sized goals
• Stay focused on the big picture
• Brainstorm your ideas and write them down
• Visualize the future and go make it happen

All the very best !