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What does submajoring in a major do for a resume?

I have so many majors that I'm interested in and I would love to be able to pursue as many as I can in as little time as possible and or save money.. Guess I'm also asking how it works as well. #environmental-science #pyschology #sociology

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Jennifer’s Answer


American universities offer students the opportunity to major in a field of study in addition to the general education core requirements. For example, this degree plan for the Environmental Science major at SMU outlines the breakdown: https://www.smu.edu/Dedman/Academics/Programs/EnvironmentalScience/CoreRequirements.

In addition to "areas of emphasis" or "concentrations" within the major, students have the ability to minor in fields of study. Minors are five to six courses, typically, that show an organized interest in a subject that augments or enhances a student's particular educational track.

If you're truly undecided or interested in many things, I would recommend selecting a university that has a large and diverse offering of courses and programs, such as a comprehensive research institution. On average, students change their majors in college seven times! You want to be sure that you have the resources available to you to pursue your interests regardless of how many times you change your mind. :-)

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