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Carmen M.’s Avatar
Carmen M. May 18, 2016 548 views

Is it best to get your Associates in Arts degree first, or go straight towards a BA?

I am rather indecisive on whether I should go for my AA first or go straight for a BA college degree...


Jade T.’s Avatar
Jade T. May 26, 2016 976 views

What was the best and worst memories of your college career?

Its interesting to hear about others' experiences and I want to know what to expect! college...


Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Sep 08, 2016 1017 views

Would it be wise to take the SAT and ACT?

I am a rising junior at Kearny High School. I definitely know that I am taking the SAT in upcoming months, but I am not too sure if I should also take the ACT. I would like to know what makes up the ACT and if I should take it before the SAT or after the SAT. college college-advice...


Katherine S.’s Avatar
Katherine S. Sep 01, 2017 391 views

What does submajoring in a major do for a resume?

I have so many majors that I'm interested in and I would love to be able to pursue as many as I can in as little time as possible and or save money.. Guess I'm also asking how it works as well. environmental-science pyschology...


Katherine S.’s Avatar
Katherine S. Sep 01, 2017 439 views

How much would college in a foreign country affect my academics?

I had a friend who was a foreign-exchange student in my high school and I would love to go to college in her country. Their culture and customs are very intriguing to me and I would love to have firsthand experience but wouldn't want to if I would have too many issues learning. I would be...

foreign-languages environmental-science foreign-exchange

Diana V.’s Avatar
Diana V. Oct 25, 2017 412 views

Does La Sierra University require personal statements ?

or anything else that should be known so I can keep a heads up? universitybound La-Sierra-University...


Jesus A.’s Avatar
Jesus A. Jan 03, 2018 431 views

I don't know which college/university to go to.

I don't know which college or university to go to where I can be the best I can be. I want to major in architecture but I want to find the best colleges and universities to go to. architecture college...


Alex T.’s Avatar
Alex T. Jan 10, 2018 338 views

How can I break into the field of Chemistry?

As of now, I'm an 11th grader who is extremely interested in the field of Chemistry. I have extremely high, potentially unlikely college acceptance expectations -- UC Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT. I'm curious as to if Chemistry will still be a viable career path in our future society, and if...

chemistry stanford mit ucberkeley medicine

Elliot S.’s Avatar
Elliot S. Jan 10, 2018 265 views

What careers make the most money and what is a day in the life of a film actor?

I am unsure which career I want in my future, but I do know that money is a big deal for me. I was told that a lot of jobs include science and math and I am not very strong in those subjects. What kinds of careers pay well but do not require science and math? Also, I probably will not get a...

notsure money filmactor

Sophie E.’s Avatar
Sophie E. Jan 10, 2018 307 views

What do u have to do and work on to get into UCLA? What are the requirements and what do they like to see from a student?

I am in 9th grade and it is a little early to be thinking about college but I want to start working on everything to have good grades and other stuff so I could get into UCLA and I would like to know what I have to do to get to that level. So I could get in cause I really want to go to UCLA....

college-major ucla

Kareem M.’s Avatar
Kareem M. Jan 10, 2018 354 views

what are some "shortcuts" to reduce the time it takes to become a doctor in college

I am a 9th grader in high school and I am thinking of becoming a doctor. not sure what type yet; however I am aware that college could take a long time and I am wondering if their is anything i could do now to shorten the process. medicine doctor medical-doctor...


Leela K.’s Avatar
Leela K. Jan 10, 2018 340 views

What can I get my masters degree in if i do my BA in liberal arts?

I am a freshman and really like the subjects that go under liberal arts. I want to do my undergrad in liberal arts but I know that I can't really make a living out of it - I'll have to do something with a grad degree. What kind of professions stem from liberal arts? liberal-arts...


Abby W.’s Avatar
Abby W. Jan 10, 2018 263 views

Are there loan forgiving programs (Teach for America, etc) for those in medicine?

I know teaching majors have opportunities to work in exchange for federal loan forgiveness. Are there any similar programs for those interested in majoring in medicine or biology? medicine...


Abby W.’s Avatar
Abby W. Jan 10, 2018 309 views

Is there a way to attend both law school and medical school?

I am interested in both law and medicine, and I am looking for a way to pursue both interests. I have heard of people who have done both; however, I am unsure of how to go about this so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. lawschool...