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Victoria Jun 24, 2021 175 views

Whats your carer goal and why????

my career goal is to have my life together by the by the time I am 30 and also to at least have been well in money by 35. #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college #college

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Eugenia Mar 18, 2021 326 views

What classes would you take if you wanted to become a nurse midwife?

#College #Classes #Nursemidwife

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Jon Mar 12, 2021 241 views

What are good things to consider for graduate school if I want to be a research physicist

I am a Junior at RIT, and I want to be a research physicist, but I'm not sure what are some good things to consider when thinking about graduate school. How important is it that I know what I want my career to be right now? Is it ok to switch programs mid-way through? #college #science...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Mar 12, 2021 819 views

What does a technical interview entail?

I've made it past the first round of interviews for a research lab I'm interested in, and the next step is for a PI to reach out to schedule a technical interview. I have no idea what a technical interview is, or how to prepare! I'm a physics student and would be working in acoustics or...

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Dashary Feb 26, 2021 530 views

what are the best colleges to study culinary arts?

#college #culinary

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Mar 10, 2021 235 views

Hi, I was just wondering, what high school courses are most useful in the field of architecture?

I am just wondering so that if I decide I want to be an architect I can choose the courses that best suit it. #college #high-school

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Mar 10, 2021 241 views

If im trying to get into a good college, does taking 3 years of language make a huge difference even though 2 is the minimum?

Right now, my schedule for next year consists of 2 math classes because that will leave open a spot for an AP class in junior year, instead of having to wait till senior year. However it kicks out a language class and an art class. If I take the 2 math classes I will only be able to have 2...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Mar 10, 2021 428 views

I’m trying to decide on a college.

I want to be writer for a comic book/ animated series one day, and I want to go to college for a creative writing major, but I’m not sure what colleges have the best programs for that sort of thing. I’m going to a early college program so I’ll be starting university with a associate’s and going...

Tara’s Avatar
Tara Jan 13, 2018 417 views

Does taking AP classes in highschool really pay off in college?

I'm trying to decide if I want to take more AP classes in my next few years of highschool and I'm not sure if it is really worth all the extra work just for a bumped GPA. #highschool #ap

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Mar 10, 2021 211 views

How many AP classes should I take sophomore, and what should they be?

Right now I am thinking of taking AP English, and AP world history, I decided on these for now, but they are definitely up for change. I got to this point because I was originally going to do AP chemistry ( but its the most common course that people like me take, so maybe its not as bad as I...

Dominik’s Avatar
Dominik Mar 10, 2021 430 views

How do you manage your time?

I am a senior in High School and my time management sucks, how do I improve it before I graduate and go to college and get bombarded with even more responsibiliti #high-school #high-school-students es

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Armelyn Feb 05, 2021 383 views

how to find a job

I'm always woworry because the size of the tuition fee ngsyon not sem finished cup could help mom :( #student-loans #undergraduate #tuition

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Alyssa Aug 26, 2020 554 views

What are some good careers for people interested in history, writing, and journalism?

I am currently a college student, and I am not sure what career I want to pursue. I am interested in multiple subjects including writing, history, and journalism. Is there a career that combines these things? What are some of the best careers in these subjects?
#history #writing #career

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Karoline Aug 26, 2020 326 views

What do colleges look at?

What's the most important part of the application? #college #application

Karoline’s Avatar
Karoline Aug 26, 2020 345 views

have you ever switched your major?

#major #college-major