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In Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which industry (healthcare, advertising, etc.) did you find most fulfilling?

Hello! My name is Julia and I'm currently a senior in high school who is looking at a few career options. I have found that the skills, interests and wants I have match up with an I/O Psychologist very well. An interesting part of of the job is that are many different industries that one can go into with an Industrial Organizational psychology degree. I was wondering which of the industries did you find most fulfilling? Or which one did you think allowed you to use most of the skills you learned? Thank you! #organization #pyschology #industrial

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Julia,

Those with graduate degrees in Industrial and organizational psychology find most of their work in various businesses utilizing the theories and practices learned to improve the business environment.

  • Pharmaceutical companies, energy production companies and hospitality businesses are some examples of businesses that hire industrial and organizational psychology graduates.

  • Non-profit organizations have also been known to hire industrial and organizational psychologists.

  • In addition, many Industrial and Organizational psychologists become independent consultants to businesses of all sizes. This option offers some lifestyle benefits and can be lucrative.

  • Another option for industrial and organizational psychology graduates can be found in the school system. Within the school system, an industrial and organizational psychology graduate's duties would include developing tools to assess student achievement as well as teacher performance.

  • Admission applications for universities and other professional schools are another area where industrial and organizational psychology methods can be used. Educational assessment and testing companies also hire a number of industrial and organizational psychologists.

  • Industrial and organizational psychology graduates can also find work at various levels of the government performing similar tasks as the ones required for businesses.

  • Within universities, Industrial and Organizational psychologists conduct research as well as teach undergraduate and graduate students. If you plan to teach at the university level, plan on getting your Ph.D., as this is typically required. You may be able to find work as a research assistant with a Master's degree.

  • As a university researcher, you would be expected to conduct research to enhance the general knowledge of industrial and organizational psychology.

Good Luck!

Read more: http://www.alleydog.com/industrial-and-organizational-psychology-careers.php#ixzz3tdi1sFvA

Thank you for your helpful response! I will definitely look at this more, I appreciate this info! Julia W.

It is very important to get to know yourself very well and get to know the career field very well. Trust you gut feelings. I have recruited too many college graduate who did not take time to do this and ended up being very, very uncomfortable and disappointed - and had to spend much time and money to take another major. Ken Simmons

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Vernon’s Answer

Education. I taught science and saw about 150 new cases every year.