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What skills must a social worker have in order to interact in a positive manner with children and their families? How does one acquire this skillset in college?

I am asking this question because I have an interest in social work. social-worker pyschology child-welfare

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2 answers

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Tyzhanae’s Answer

From my experience as a volunteer receptionist at a foster care agency, the skills a social worker must have to work with children and their families in a positive manner would be good communication skills, active listening skills, empathy, organization, tolerance, patience etc.
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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Tyvonna

One of the main characteristics of those who work with social service is the desire to help people at risk and needs with the intent of providing a better quality of life for individuals and families in a state of social vulnerability.
Social service professionals believe that it is possible to provide a better world for disadvantaged individuals through the joint efforts and the search for resources.

A set of features are part of the profile of this person in your daily routine:

  • Empathy: ability to put yourself in the other person in order to better understand your reality and your needs;

  • Emotional Intelligence: because the professional social area dealing with issues such as domestic violence, extreme poverty, abuse, drugs, abandonment of children and adolescents, abuse, physical or sexual assault, grantmaking, among other issues, is necessary to present emotional preparation and balance to deal with pressures and risk issues.

  • Patience to hear: the social worker will have to show a willingness to listen carefully to the complaints and claims are each person or community group.

  • Flexibility: many social work of the server requires the fulfillment of a workload in the form of shifts or shifts (depending on location and area of ​​activity), requiring this person arranging a flexible schedule that allows you to call in situations of emergency.

This set of characteristics can be developed both in supervised internship form (held in own Faculty), or by performing volunteer work in your community or in the Education Institution.

I hope this information can hel you. Good luck in your career!