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what is a social worker work environment?

Doing a project for class on the career you want to do. #social-work #counselor #counselling #social-worker #pyschology

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2 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Me again :) I used to be a Case Manager for a youth/adult career and training program. Basically a big part of my job was social services/work. This was one of my favorite jobs because of the work environment...I was never in the same place all day long, I would either be in an office at a desk or out in the school meeting with teachers/students or in the career center working with clients on finding a job or travelling around the city to meet with clients and job supervisors for our youth employment program. Sometimes I would go to the police dept to do background checks and to the family assistance office to do checks on clients assistance payments received.
It was never a dull day in this field and I really enjoyed it...hope that helps...Good luck!

Thank you!! Alexus T.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Alexus,

The workplace in the social area, will depend greatly on your area of undergraduate and function that you will have. For example:

  • Social Pedagogue: develops activities in philanthropic organizations, social centers, orphanages, Educational Associations;

  • Social Psychologist: offer these services in prisons, social resocialization centers, NGOs, poor communities, community centers;

  • Social Worker: Municipal or State Social Assistance; Health Departments; bodies of the public or private social welfare; Of children rehabilitation centers; Penitentiary; Association of neighborhoods and / or residents; NGOs; Council for the Rights of the Child, Adolescent and People Seniors.

Hope this helps in your search. Good studies!

Thankyou for taking the time to answer, this was also a question of mine. I was looking into which direction to head. Mellissa Lindsey

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