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Samantha C. Jan 19, 2018 477 views

How do I know what career is for me? Ive had my mind set on being a veterinarian but as Ive gotten older i feel drawn to serving others. What career could help me fulfill my calling?

I feel like i should giving a veterinarian a shot since its been my plan since a child. In the last year or so I've been reconsidering being a veterinarian because I really enjoy making others peoples lives easier. I just dont know what career to go into and what would satisfy my need to help...


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Sophia B. Feb 08 173 views
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Abby T. Feb 16 76 views

Is it worth earning a Master’s degree if I want to become a medical lab scientist?

I really would love to be working hands-on in a hospital laboratory for my career. Are master’s degrees in MLS reserved for people who plan on working in management positions? I know I can take courses in medical lab technology and eventually take the ASCP exam for certification. Will a...

#mls #labscientist #medicaltechnologist #medicallabscientist #medicallabtechnologist #scientist #laboratory

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Ben W. Feb 16 80 views

What is an average week's workload in the field of Astronomy?

I am currently a sophomore exploring different career paths. #astronomy...


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Isaac O. Feb 17 60 views
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Isaac O. Feb 17 49 views

Where can I find plumbing jobs and training for it as well.

Junior in high school, I work at Atlas Pizza in Chesapeake VA and live in Chesapeake. #high-school...


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Darrion C. Feb 18 96 views

what are the benefits of working as a hvac technician?

my name is darrion im 15 and i like working with my hands...


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Ava S. Feb 24 108 views

What should i consider when applying to colleges to be a nurse?

I'm a Junior in highschool and I am applying to colleges. #college...


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Rose C. Feb 25 53 views
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Kristian P. Feb 25 75 views

Tips for choosing a good college?

I'm interested in becoming either a pharmacist or an anesthesiologist and I'm wondering what colleges would be best for either careers. #medical #doctor #pharmacists #pharmacist #anesthesiologist #anesthesiology...


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Jason A. Feb 25 99 views

What are some good paying jobs in the medical field

I'm a sophomore right now and college will be soon before I know it, and I want a job that I will enjoy doing but also get a good pay so I can help with my family. #jobs #help...


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Elise J. Feb 25 115 views

How do I start my first video on youtube so that I can become big.

I am 11 and I am hoping to start a youtube channel soon but I don't know how to start my first vid. Can yall help me? #computer #youtube #video-production...