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Sheffield, Massachusetts
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After high school I plan to work and travel. Then, I would love to attend college in Boston or Montreal and hopefully study a year aboard. I not sure what college or major in particular yet. But, I would be interested in psychology or something in the arts.

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Anouk Mar 09, 2021 455 views

What is it like to major in the arts and what are they?

I know there are many different kinds of arts to major in college. I was curious as what some are and what it's like majoring in one that is not commonly known as a primary academic subject.


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Anouk Mar 09, 2021 490 views

What is it like to attend college during the pandemic?

I look forward to going to college either after high school or maybe a few later. Although it is in a few years and hopefully things will be much better, I was still wondering how much different it is, if it's that much different at all and what college is like while going through a...

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Anouk Mar 05, 2021 1162 views

What is studying psychology like in college?

I have always been interested in psychology and mental illnesses and I think would enjoy majoring in it. I like learning and would especially want to expand my knowledge on this topic and possibly pursue it.