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question 4 for special effects artist

4. it this job independent or group?

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2 answers

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Marcelius Levites’s Answer

What is a Special Effects (FX) Artist?

Special Effects Artist is a person who works in the theatre, television and/or the movie industry. The can work for a FX company or work as a freelancer.

A Special Effects Artist is a very creative person who creates realistic scenes using a broad variety of mediums. Some FX Artists specialise in a certain field like:

Make up
Moulding and plaster casts
Trick camera work
Computer graphics
Movies that would definitely use FX would be:

Animation etc
Other effects such as smoke, lightening, flying objects, snow, rain and fire are just a few more FX created by special effects artists.

What does a Special Effects Artist do?

meets with directors, producers and scriptwriters to discuss detailing and special effects required
researches the background to the production
sources materials
continually invents new and creative special FX
constructs the required items: through materials, moulds, mechanics etc
paints in detail so it all looks extremely realistic
works as part of a team to make the whole project come together
works the mechanics if necessary when shooting
Are you … ?

passionate about the movies?
extremely creative?
good with your hands?
an out-the-box thinker?
willing to work unusual and long hours?
mechanically minded?
detail orientated?
deadline driven?

How do I become a Special Effects Artist?

As there are no formal courses in special effects in South Africa, you could start early by getting involved in the drama department/club at your school or in your community. There is a lot to learn and the more skills you can gather while volunteering at your school or local dramatic society, the better.

It will also assist you in your studies at a later date if you are seriously considering a job as a Special Effects Artist.

A good Special Effects Artist has a sound knowledge of various art forms, building and making things. An understanding of design and construction would be extremely beneficial.

Many Special Effect Artists start by getting on-the-job training or supplementing their skill set by doing a related design course at college or university.


CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you to see what they offer.
Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
To avoid scams, make sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education.
CLICK HERE to check accredited Private Higher Education Institutions.

For some short courses:

FACE-to-FACE DESIGN SCHOOL,realistic%20scenes%20using%20a%20broad%20variety%20of%20mediums.
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Ajay’s Answer

I think there is no direct answer to this question because there are many different ways this career path could take you. Many choose to be in the film industry because of the glamour, where you'd likely be working with large teams on big production sets. Others, however, work as freelance artists by themselves completing lots of smaller projects that they have more control and influence over because they are the only artist working on it. It really depends on what your preferred work environment and style is, but there are options everywhere.