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What would you recommend to make the transition from college to career easier?

It's hard to know what will help you get a real world job and experience and things to help get you hired. The only advise I have gotten so far is internships but is that the only thing? #career #career-change #career-plan

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4 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Stephanie!

Networking is a good way to find that great job.

First of all, I am going to assume that you can present yourself well, express yourself in writing and speaking, and put forward an idea.... If you can confidently do these, then you need to be in touch with dozens of people because somebody will see your talent and will want you on their team.

So yeah, not too many people have a network going in college... How to get one? Do summer jobs that put you in front of lots of people. How about doing front desk work at a realty to at a hotel or be a bank teller.... all good interim jobs that let you MEET PEOPLE. How about doing volunteer work for an organization? - again you meet people and have conversations about jobs and aspirations and next thing you know you talk to somebody that knows somebody that is looking for your skills.

So, if you don't find that intern job - which is usually a good move, but we all don't get those - find a way to develop a network.

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Thaiz’s Answer

I believe that we are able to learn from all the experience that we have, I started working half period, at age of 13-14, helping my father on administrative tasks, like paying bills in the bank, answering the telephone and completing regulatory documentation. Also I learned from an innitiative in the high-school where we managed a "junior-company" that was selling candies to be able to pay the graduation party.
Based on those small things, I was able to develop several skills, as management & controls, interpersonnal communication, etc.
You can develop several skills on voluntary services or school programs. Make sure you can identify those skills and "sell" them when you will apply to a role. recruiters are looking for skills not only experiences when they are hiring a new talent.
I wish you all success!

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Vikram’s Answer

I would recommend, which ever career you choose, just get to know how they work practically than more of theory and that is what will make you get a job out of college, Example: If you choose to get into computer science and want to be a developer, you need to know how they develop on real work environment. This will help for sure.

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Debra’s Answer

In addition to the above responses, I would like to add job shadowing as a way to transition. Choose a company or a career field you are interested, network to find people who work at that company/career, and ask if you could shadow them for one day. This will give you a real-world experience and give you a quick view of skills that are going to be needed for your chosen profession.

The second thing I would suggest is a website called O-Net Online. This is a great site that will help you define those skills needed in the career you are looking for.