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Career Questions tagged How To Overcome Shyness

Joi’s Avatar
Joi Jan 23, 2018 569 views

Getting over fear of taking the initiative

I'm currently in an internship and I'm being constantly told to take the initiative. What are some tips to doing this? Also, consciously, I know that I am here to learn, that mistakes will happen and that I'm not going to get hated for asking too many questions. But whenever I am supposed to...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 23, 2018 749 views

How can you find your niche in college as an introvert?

#introvert #how-to-overcome-shyness #friends #college

Emilia’s Avatar
Emilia Jan 19, 2018 474 views

In college, what is the best way to meet new people with the same interest?

In a couple of months I am going to start my freshman year of college and I am sometimes shy when it comes to meeting new people. So what is your best advice in getting to meet new people and managing my shyness?

#how-to-overcome-shyness #interaction #good-friends

Jazmine Rose’s Avatar
Jazmine Rose Sep 01, 2017 616 views

How can I get over being so scared to speak in and in front of class?

I'm currently a junior in high school and I've always been assigned presentations. However, every time I step in front of the class I just feel my heart sink to the bottom of my chest. I also get very nervous to make eye contact while presenting. One of my fears is to be judged by classmates,...