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Is it important to have a business master degree not MBA?

I want to gain master degree after I graduate. bachelor master

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2 answers

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Carl’s Answer

Hi Yinan. It all depends on your situation and what you want to do with your degrees. Personally, I have three Master's degrees. I have an MBA, a Master's in Project Management, and a Master's in Network & Communications Management. I find all of my credentials useful and believe in lifelong learning. You should really evaluate what you want to do and a specific degree can benefit you. For example, a Master's in Accounting and Financial Management can really assist if working for a major accounting firm that charged with auditing the finances of Fortune 500 companies. It may be more helpful than an MBA. If you are looking for broad leadership positions, an MBA will be beneficial. It provides the quantitatve and soft skills to faciliate being an effective leader.

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Manish’s Answer

It depends on your interest and future goals. f you want to specialize in certain area, you should target to get a masters degree in that field. You will become a subject matter expert of that field and many companies will hire you for your specific skill set.

However, if you want to understand all facets of management and become a general manager or specialized manager with 360 degree business understanding, MBA will be your best foot forward.