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Ajer Apr 04 277 views

Which career choice do you think will still be relevant after 20 years?

most jobs will end with technology and AI

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Sima Feb 22 696 views

Can I work in corporate as a psychology-neuroscience graduate?

What are the possibilities of working in a corporate job with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience (double-major)?
As far as i've seen, all of the job opportunities in this field take place in laboratories, research centers or educational institutions.

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Feb 09 426 views

How do I become a neurosurgeon?

As a middle school student, I have been wanting to become a neurosurgeon for a long time. It is a strong desire of mine to help others. I am taking as many classes related to this career as I can once I get to high school, but I don't know what else I can do.

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Joel Feb 04 664 views

How can i work smart?

Why do i have to work really hard

John’s Avatar
John Jan 28 597 views

why is it hard for me to learn new skills?

Am having a hard time learning to skills and hobbies. any help?

Ty’s Avatar
Ty Jan 19 958 views

How can I be able to choose a career when I can't be able to make decisions ?

I find it difficult to explain myself

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Nov 09, 2023 141 views

What is the psychology How does it help us, why do we need all these things in our brain, and why do we need to learn.?

What is the psychology? How does it help us, why do we need all these things in our brain, and why do we need to learn.

Rac’s Avatar
Rac Oct 29, 2023 531 views

What collage should I go to ?

I need help in selecting what collage I should to?How will it affect me?what are the right and wrong I should know.what and who do you recommend for me?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Oct 16, 2023 3039 views

Does it matter where you get your college degree from, if you wanna work at a big tech company?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to study computer science to become a programmer, the thing is that college is can be sort of expensive, I wanted to go out of state to a tech school but it is kind of pricey, the thing is that a college near me offers a computer science program as well...

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Jun 30, 2023 802 views

What's the difference, Project vs Program management?

They sound like the same thing. They're different words but.....IDK. It's confusing lol. Please explain.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 16, 2023 442 views

What are some career choices for someone who is interested in computer science, design, architecture, and game development?

I'm worried I have too many interests and I don't know how to choose my major because I also want to make a lot of money and own my own business but I'm not sure.


Zion’s Avatar
Zion Jun 08, 2023 599 views

What is the tech industry like? What technical / soft skills are needed in the field? How can I prepare myself in such a oversaturated field??

I'm an sophomore majoring in computer science and data science. I basic knowledge in python, java, web development, sql, and swift.

Batool’s Avatar
Batool May 06, 2023 551 views

How do I know what career to go into?

I'm enterinng my senior year in high school

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna Apr 16, 2023 495 views

Communication Technology vs Electrical Engineering?

As a freshman in college, I have a GPA of 3.5 and got mostly B's in math. I have experience with technology (like basic coding) but not engineering in high school. Two majors at my school are Communication Technology (CT) and Electrical Engineering (EE). CT contains classes in digital media...

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Allan Apr 19, 2023 590 views

When should I as a undergraduate student start prepping for real world job experience in my field, which is Computer Science, as a programmer/software developer?

This year in the fall, I will be starting college as a Freshman, how should I start preparing for job-placement, when I graduate in 4 years?