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Lera K. May 04, 2016 750 views

What are good skills to have (relating to technology) in order to be successful in today's workforce?

I would like to know what will be expected of me, considering that technology is a big part of everyone's lives and jobs. #computer #technology...


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kanika M. May 12, 2016 2286 views

What is mean by tech?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching #technology...


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Kira W. May 18, 2016 540 views

Does experience in computer science help with pursuing medical school?

I am trying to decide if I should take some computer science classes in college. #science #computer...


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Lindsay O. May 26, 2016 531 views

What fields of study and careers will we see start to disappear if technology continues to advance?

Many people in older generations have seen their careers and areas of expertise become insignificant through better technology. I am curious about other fields we may see disappear....


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rafael M. May 26, 2016 677 views

what does someone need to become a engineer?

I'm asking to find out how to become a engineer because I want to become one in the future #engineer...


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Isabella D. Oct 23, 2016 491 views

There are new technological advances in the science field that have created such things as robotic surgery, so my question is that with these technological advances do you think our society is moving to a robotic or technology careers, even in medicine?

I am pursuing a career in medicine and I wonder about the job prospects. I have seen these new technological advances in medicine and I wonder if it is truly an advancement or if it is just a cheaper version of a doctor. I wonder if it is safe to put human lives under the care of robots instead...

#technology #medicine #career-counseling

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Jaden M. Oct 26, 2016 634 views

Since technology is advancing today will there be more jobs in the field of computers and information technology?

I am asking this question because that is my intended major and curious about the job growth in that field. #computer...


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Emma R. Feb 02, 2017 489 views

How much of an income difference is there between a Master's in Psychology and a Ph D in Psychology?

I'm taking a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and considering graduate school. I'm wondering how much more money someone with a Ph D would make vs. someone with a Masters working as a counsellor/therapist? #psychology #therapy #phd #masters-degree #therapists #family-therapy...

#group-therapy #social-science-phd

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Tristan T. Feb 09, 2017 919 views
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Zymeria B. Feb 09, 2017 872 views

Do lawyers have an daily salary?

My name is Zymeria Broady I picked a lawyer because I wanted to finish the same career my mother couldn't finish #lawyer #financial-planning...


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Brandon H. Feb 09, 2017 653 views

What type of businesses offer programs to teach customer service, project management, or team-work?

I am planning to go into system administrations and wonder what types of programs I will have to attend to obtain the job and/or put on my resume. #project-management #resume-writing #customer-service #team-leadership #system-administration...


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Augusta I. Feb 17, 2017 720 views

When employers list a specific GPA requirement, is it final?

I ask this because I am a electrical engineering major and I don't have a 3.0 GPA, which seems to be the threshold for most companies looking to hire college students. I would like to apply for most companies but I do not meet this requirement. I want to note that I usually don't meet this...

#entry-level #java #internships #tech #computer-science

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Ena W. Feb 19, 2017 565 views

Is it important to have a business master degree not MBA?

I want to gain master degree after I graduate. #bachelor...


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Trayquil N. Feb 20, 2017 548 views

As a future engineer, what are some tips that I can take to better prepare myself for college

I'm a high school Seniors who is about to graduate and attend a four year university for mechanical engineering. #engineering...


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Zumruck S. Sep 01, 2017 523 views

In what field can I give back the most?

I know that medicine is needed to heal people and that technology creates various things to help people as well as how engineers are needed to build our homes and structures that we use everyday. Though what I want to know is what field should I go into that could potentially help the most...

#howtohelp #technology #healthcare #medicine