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I'm just here to learn. Because they sure don't try to teach you about careers in school lol

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Natalie Jul 07, 2023 509 views

How do you make enough money to save money?

One thing I realize is: People can make a lot of money yet they may not have enough left over to actually use on themselves. (even with six figure salary money) This can happen due to debt or necessary living expenses. (I totally get that) But the fact that someone making 250k a year can't...

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Natalie Jun 30, 2023 525 views

Business people, how do you grow your skills for business?

Business roles seem more focused on using soft skills like talking and meeting with coworkers. but some people just seem good at the role. like extroverts or something. Did you do anything to develop your communication skills, or are you just good at talking? & How did you get good at talking?...

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Natalie Jun 30, 2023 1196 views

What's the difference, Project vs Program management?

They sound like the same thing. They're different words but.....IDK. It's confusing lol. Please explain.

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Natalie Jun 30, 2023 414 views

What's your work like, business analysts?

Tell me about what you do. Daily, yearly, anything. Someone said everyday is different for work. I'm curious.

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Natalie Jun 29, 2023 653 views

Job suggestions, non coding?

Hello, I'm a college freshman and wanted to know; what are some non-coding jobs in tech? What can you **really** do without coding skills?