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Whats difference between 3-year and 4-year bachelor degree?

I want to gain higher degree such as master or MBA. Many universities ask that 4-year bachelor course. Actually credits are same. bachelor

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2 answers

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Natalie’s Answer

Hi Ena,

I don't know if the educational system is slightly different in Montreal, but in American a Bachelor's in typically 120 credits and can be completed in 4 years. Some students if they start college with college credits earned in HS (AP), and take 6 courses each term in addition to summer classes, may be able to graduate in three years. Does this answer your question?
Good Luck!


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Simeon’s Answer

There are no differences between a bachelor's degree that was done in three years and one done in four years besides the money you save getting the degree. If you can manage to get the degree that quickly, go for it!