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Harper H. Oct 21, 2015 705 views

How much does a vet get paid if they are owning their own business?

I am in the 6th grade and would like to open up a vet and a pet hotel in the future. I am just wondering how much a vet owner would make. Thank you ! #veterinary-medicine #pet...


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Allexis W. May 17, 2016 497 views

What kind of opportunities did you take to help further you in your career?

I know that you don't become successful in your life overnight and that you have to take risks sometimes to move up. So I would like to know what chances or risks helped you get to where you are now. #college #career #professional #career-counseling...


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Calvin K. May 21, 2016 711 views

How's the career outlook appear for a historian?

I've heard people say never become a historian because the job outlook is not very good, do these comments actually hold true? #college #career #college-major #higher-education...


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Diljot S. Feb 21, 2017 447 views

What is a good extra course?

I have 3 extra courses left to choose after taking all mandatory courses I need to pursue in the medical field. I have chosen 3 sciences, calculus, and french, but still have 3 more to choose. What are some high school courses that I should take? #highschool...


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Melissa A. Feb 22, 2017 546 views

Did your university assist you in your collegiate career?

I never saw a single person about my future and the avenues i could travel when I was getting my bachelors degree. I was not spoken to a single bit except for responses to professors. They had their great jobs, but what was mine? Why didn't I receive any guidance at a very influential time...

#college-major #recruiting #college-admissions #career-goals

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Paige O. Feb 22, 2017 684 views

Do you have free time while in college?

I would like to have some time with family, friends and work. #time...


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Mounia M. Feb 22, 2017 471 views

What should a college senior make sure they have done before they graduate?

Which resources should I make sure I take advantage of before I graduate? #college...


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Tommy T. Feb 22, 2017 20373 views

what college courses should I take if I want to be a YouTuber?

I am 12 and when I grow up I want to be a YouTuber. I promised my mom I would go to collage but you don't need to go to collage to be a YouTuber. So what collage courses can I take? #gaming #youtube...


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Tommy T. Feb 22, 2017 1784 views

Can I make a career on Pokemon?

I am 12 and I absolutely LOVE Pokemon. But can I make a career on It? #gaming #cards...


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Luke F. Feb 22, 2017 561 views

so what is the best career to get money

so what is the best career to get money...


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Jack O. Feb 22, 2017 550 views

What collages can i go to to get into paranormal investigation?

Im 11 and i wanted to get into paranormal investigation and my parents want me to go to collage so what collage can i go to?...


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ryder C. Feb 22, 2017 698 views

is there a specific age limit you have to be to go to college

hi my name is ryder but i go by cole. i want to be a police officer and i want to know what age i have to be to go to college. #college #career #jobs #college-jobs #police-academy...


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Caleb B. Feb 22, 2017 464 views

how can you releaf strees when working

Hi I am Caleb and I get stressed out a lot and I need help when working how can I get stres release easy during working...


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Marco C. Feb 22, 2017 474 views

What do you do to start off your proffesional athlete carrier?

I've always loved to play soccer and it has always been my dream to play proffesionla soccer. #college #athlete...


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Daycy A. Feb 22, 2017 506 views

What do you need to do in order to become an FBI agent?

I am asking this so when i graduate high school and i go to college, I can know what i have to do. #criminal-justice #criminology...