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Career Questions tagged Collegeclasses

Brooklin P.’s Avatar
Brooklin P. Oct 29, 2020 232 views

Can I start my college classes in high school?

I was wondering if I could start college classes in my Junior or Senior year of high school. high-school-classes high-school collegeclasses college nurse...


Jordan R.’s Avatar
Jordan R. Sep 06, 2019 289 views

What educational preparation would you recommend for someone looking to be an engineer?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. engineering math engineer science career education collegeclasses...


Sheila C.’s Avatar
Sheila C. Aug 27, 2018 318 views
Ritu G.’s Avatar
Ritu G. May 29, 2018 433 views

What makes a good pre-med program?

Pre-med programs are often extremely diverse, and offer courses in a wide variety of studies. Which of these courses best prepare students for the MCAT and for medical schools? What type of courses best suit a student following a path in medicine? classes medicine collegeclasses career...


Hannah C.’s Avatar
Hannah C. Mar 05, 2018 463 views

Should I be taking summer classes to get ahead?

I already have sophomore standing in my freshman year of college, but I feel like I need to be doing summer classes (or at least one class) to stay ahead and give myself time to complete minors and possibly another major in my college career. Would it be beneficial to take a summer class or...

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Melanie B.’s Avatar
Melanie B. Jan 22, 2018 428 views

What are the best classes to take as an Animal Science major trying to become a vet?

I have been accepted as an Animal Science major in college. I plan to apply to a veterinary school in 4 years. What are the best classes that would prepare me for this path? animalscience animalsciencemajor college collegeclasses...


Georgia P.’s Avatar
Georgia P. Jan 18, 2018 316 views

What all classes can I take in college?

If you are wanting to major in a certain topic, is there specific classes that you have to take the whole time or would you be able to take other classes that you would be interested in?...