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Is it a good idea to get CPA certified?

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After you get your accounting degree, is it beneficial to get CPA certified? Would it help your career if you do so? #business #degree #masters #accountant #administration #in #bachelor #bookkeeper

4 answers

Matthew’s Answer

Yes a CPA will help your career. It is the gold standard in accounting and is worth the time spent studying for the exam. If you had to choose a tax professional to prepare your taxes and one had the CPA and the other did not, you would probably choose the individual with the CPA. The same holds true in a job interview situation where one candidate has the credential and the other does not. Typically, the position would be rewarded to the individual with the certification.

vishaka’s Answer


Yes, there are many advantages to being a CPA, primarily the CPA brand. As I have explained to students and civilians over the years, people treat you differently when they find out you are a CPA. Our profession is still held in such esteem that it sets you aside from the general populace and gives one a leg up in all sorts of business, and even personal, situations.

Our designation certainly holds a lot more weight than being an MBA, or even a PhD, in a business discipline would.

The CPA brand has been invaluable in every aspect of my business career from the day I passed the exam. I have found it easier to get business loans, negotiate contracts, or be respected by almost anyone that has ever come in contact with CPAs or knows of the difficulty of attaining the certification.

Rachel’s Answer

Many positions expect or even require a CPA license, even if the position is not in public accounting. Having a CPA license has also been linked to higher earning potential, and it would help you have the experience needed to move forward in your career.

For more statistics on the matter, you can look at Becker's, Roger CPA Review, or some other CPA review course's website; those programs always have some information about why becoming a CPA is worthwhile.

It's a lot of work, but it is totally worth it.

Emily’s Answer

Yes - it's a great idea to become a CPA! It is a tough process, but a CPA is a globally understood credential that helps potential employers understand your knowledge level and background.