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kanika M. May 12, 2016 2174 views

What is mean by tech?

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. #teaching #technology...


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Ya$h A. Jun 03, 2016 2564 views
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Ramya K. Jun 24, 2016 673 views

How many Years to Complete Gynecologist

Hi . I am interested in Doctor. How many year will take to become a gynecologist /Cardiologist. As a girl which is best to select gynecologist or Cardiologist. Which suits me. Both I am Interested. #doctor #professor #educator...


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Pooja V. Jun 24, 2016 778 views
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Tanya N. Jun 24, 2016 402 views

what does it take to become a good physical trainer.

I am interested to pursue my career in strength training and athletics...


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kelsey L. Oct 26, 2016 625 views

Is it a good idea to get CPA certified?

After you get your accounting degree, is it beneficial to get CPA certified? Would it help your career if you do so? #business #degree #masters #accountant #administration #in #bachelor...


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Michael P. Oct 26, 2016 452 views

Is. there a lot of jobs in this field

I wanted to know so I can be able to get a job fast...


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Kylee C. Oct 26, 2016 407 views

Once in the Nursing field, does all the schooling pay off?

I am considering the Nursing field, but am nervous for all the schooling to come. #nursing #college-major #nurse #university...


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Casey H. Oct 26, 2016 738 views

What states have the largest emerging cybersecurity field?

Im looking to go where I will be able to collaborate with the mosst amount of professionals in my field and make the most money, what states am i most likely to achieve that in? #cyber-security #security...


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Angie R. Oct 26, 2016 814 views

Is X-ray technician/ ultrasound tech a good career?

I've been thinking about two careers. Ultrasound tech and nursing. I mostly think of going towards nursing but I also want to do ultrasounds, which career is better? #nursing #medical-sonography #radiological-technician #sonography...


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Kemi L. Dec 30, 2016 493 views

Where do people usually go to study abroad for CS?

Really interested to experience CS in another country to see how different or similar it is from the US #computer-science...


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Katia D. Jan 15, 2017 467 views

How difficult is it to find a biomedical research job in the Silicon Valley?

I am planning to become a biomedical researcher, hopefully in California, and I'm aware that the bustle of the Silicon Valley companies provide lots of competition for finding a job. #biology #research...