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What is the best course for pursuing photography

want to learn photography as a hobby. #engineering #engineer #photography #editing #video

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4 answers

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Stephen’s Answer

The best way to pursue photography in my opinion is to have it within your mind most of the time. In other words as you go through your daily activities, "see" with your mind's "eye" photo compositions, viewpoints, repetitive patterns and other photo opportunities - even when you do not have a camera in hand.
I would also say that there is unlimited opportunities to learn different photography knowledge points on the internet via YouTube videos and websites. All these sources are for the most part free, so all that is required is your love of photography and the persistence to want to be better by learning.
I would also encourage assigning yourself projects or competitions to come up with a great photo every day or week. This will challenge you to follow the subject chosen as the assignment, to go create the "winning" image. Great practice all around for your mind, use of equipment, following an assignment thru and a GREAT way to compile a portfolio. By using these images and the explanation of the task - really adds to your portfolio presentation explaining the path you followed and the result, instead of just getting a "lucky shot".
If you can show yourself that photography is truly within you, the resulting images are excellent from these exercises, I feel that you are ready to look into a 2 year technical school in photography. A four year degree college degree in photography is too expensive and does not help you that much in the "real world" of photography. Never stop learning or pursuing your dreams and desires.

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David’s Answer

If your goal is to be a hobby photographer, I would suggest reading on the subject. I prefer books by Michael Freeman. He provides great examples with easy to understand explanations. The internet is another source of information and inspiration.

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Marc’s Answer


Now is a great time to learn photography. There are so many online courses that are available for free. You can also find online post production help.

Try these:




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vishaka’s Answer

College Of Art, University of Delhi, New Delhi
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), New Delhi
The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
Sir JJ School of Applied Art, Mumbai
A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Center, Delhi
Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida
Osmania University, Hyderabad
Mass communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
The Light and Life Academy (LLA), Ooty