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Where do people usually go to study abroad for CS?

Really interested to experience CS in another country to see how different or similar it is from the US #computer-science #study-abroad

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2 answers

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Dave’s Answer

A lot of the field of computer science was developed in England. There are good schools within an hour of London so its fun as well. If you are an English speaker that would be an easy transition.

Poland was instrumental with developments that they passed in secret to the English in the late 1930's in order to do things like break Enigma encryption. Krakow is a tech hub.

Dave recommends the following next steps:

Look into schools like Cambridge's "year abroad" programs. Try it for a year.

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vishaka’s Answer

While computers have given us the ability to travel the world without leaving our homes (or the country), there’s still much to be gained by learning about computers and computer science from an international program. When you choose to study computer science abroad, you give yourself the chance to learn what computer science means to other cultures and countries, cultures and countries you might encounter in your future professional career.

One example of international computer science programs is the Center for Computing and Language Studies in Austria, which offers a variety of computer science programs. You have the option to enroll in a program for an academic year and possibly gain a different perspective on the field of computer science while taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

If you’re currently in high school and are thinking about which school to attend to study computer science, why not add a few international schools and programs to your list? The Victoria International College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers a bachelor’s in computer science during the fall, spring, summer and winter semesters, giving you the chance to travel and experience a year in Malaysia. What’s more is that the school bases its offered courses on industry needs.[ii]

Should you already have a bachelor’s degree, know you have the option to study computer science abroad with the intention of earning a master’s degree. The University of Leuven is located in Belgium and offers a Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in computer science. Once enrolled, you learn about the sub-disciplines of computer science. Instructors teach you how to solve problems, model the real world and impart intellectual skills. If you enjoy the university and wish to learn even more about computer science, you might decide to continue your studies and enroll in one of the school’s PhD programs.[iii]

Whether you’re looking to study abroad for computer science majors at the undergraduate or graduate level, there are plenty of options in such countries and geographic locations as Ireland, Barcelona, Brazil, London and France. Take your education and your life overseas to enhance and redefine your perspective on life and the field of computer science.

Thank you! Kemi L.