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How many Years to Complete Gynecologist

Hi . I am interested in Doctor. How many year will take to become a gynecologist /Cardiologist. As a girl which is best to select gynecologist or Cardiologist. Which suits me. Both I am Interested. #doctor #professor #educator #mentoring

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2 answers

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vishaka’s Answer

Becoming a gynecologist requires completion of a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program, which generally takes four years to finish. Typically, the first two years cover topics in anatomy, physiology and the sciences, as well as the multiple systems of the human body and diseases and illnesses associated with those systems.

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aftab’s Answer

It can take any number of years.
The process includes MBBS for five and half years and then doing post graduation in obstetrics and gynecology for 3 years.

Now how many do you take to become one depends on you!