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Sharlene’s Avatar
Sharlene Aug 06, 2016 1555 views

Do you have any tips for writing good resumes and cover letters?

I am starting to look for internships for the near future and many if not all require a resume and cover letter. I am just looking for some tips to improve my cover letter and resume. #resume #resume-writing #job-application

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Jan 12, 2017 2777 views

What kind of questions showuld i ask in an internship interview?

I have some internship interviews coming up soon for internships in transportation management and logistics. Should I ask question to the interviewer? If so what kind of questions? #career #internships #interviews #career-development #interview-questions

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Jan 15, 2017 2080 views

How do I get a credit card with no credit history?

I'm a freshman in my second semester of college and I have been looking at credit cards that will help me start a credit history. #finance #credit

Emmalee ’s Avatar
Emmalee May 20, 2016 1350 views

Is photography a field with a lot of career options?

I am interested in photography, but want to know if it's something that would likely give me a good career after college. What are the chances of finding a good photography job? #careers #photography

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1128 views

How do you choose the life insurance policy?

I want my family to be taken care of financially,once I have moved forward with my life. #lawyer #japan #investment-banking #family #general-insurance

Arthur ’s Avatar
Arthur Sep 20, 2016 2616 views

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

I'm more curious as I'm not sure which one is which most of the time. #college #computer #information-technology #web-design #web-development #internet-technology

Tracy’s Avatar
Tracy Mar 09, 2016 21174 views

Do you enjoy working in human resources?

I've never actually met someone who does human resources, so i'd like to hear about your experience. What do you love most about it? What is especially difficult? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage.

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara May 07, 2014 1836 views

What do paramedics study?

I would like to start learning now to get a head start on the subjects paramedics study. #science #health #anatomy #paramedic #ambulance

Paulina’s Avatar
Paulina Mar 23, 2015 1514 views

What kind of jobs are available after graduating with a degree in biology?

I am asking because I am interested in biology but I don't know what jobs are out there for me. #science #biology #scientist #biomedical #biologist #anatomy

kavya’s Avatar
kavya Jun 02, 2016 3122 views

what should i do for ITI?

i want to become a ITI. #software #engineering

Quinton’s Avatar
Quinton Jul 24, 2016 1421 views

When choosing a college what should I prefer, better reputation or better price?

So I'm pretty smart and have a GPA high enough to get me into a pretty solid college, but I'm worried about the cost and the student loans I would amass. So I was wondering how I would find a balance between both a good education and a good price, but not suffering in either, and in a...

Grant’s Avatar
Grant Jul 25, 2016 1495 views

I have no work experience! How can I acquire a job?

It's time to pull my own weight, yikes! Recently I applied to various famous franchises online, the only problem is, they never responded :( . With no success online I decided to visit a "now hiring" good ol' McD's and ask for an application. I completed the application and returned it to a...

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas May 17, 2016 1370 views

What is a good way to manage your time?

I want to be able to manage my time wisely through college and my possible career choice. Being able to manage my time will allow me to equally distribute time through my activities and finish any assignment given to me. #college #management #school

md’s Avatar
md Jul 17, 2016 1770 views

how is founder of hp company

how there foud the company which tecnology they used #company #foundations #hp

Sankardhayalan’s Avatar
Sankardhayalan Apr 22, 2016 1298 views

Exams and preparation for IAS !

I am student in 10 standard. What group should i choose in 11 standard to join IAS? What are the exams i should prepare for it #college #teaching #professor #educator #mentoring