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Newburgh, NY
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Karla R. Jan 16, 2017 463 views

How do I choose my major that I will acquire a succesful career in?

I currently can't decide if the major I am choosing will result in a good career or whether I should change my major. #college-major #choosing-a-major

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Karla R. Jan 16, 2017 727 views

How will changing my major prolong my graduation time?

When I applied to college I was a political science major, but now I'm thinking about changing my major to finance. I want to change it but I am scared that changing my major will set me back another year or so. #college-major #finance #political-science #switches

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Karla R. Jan 15, 2017 1365 views

How do I get a credit card with no credit history?

I'm a freshman in my second semester of college and I have been looking at credit cards that will help me start a credit history. #finance #credit