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Posted on Sep 22, 2016

I want to be a Web developer.

Context: I always loved messing with the code in websites, even from a young kid. Once I took a Web Design class and learned the backbone of Websites with HTML, I knew that I wanted to be A web designer, but now after learning the difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer, I feel like what I really want to do is be a web developer.
College: CTC then into a 4 year college.
Other Education: C+, HTML, Dreamweaver, Javascript, Ruby, CSS, and that's all the ones I'm going to be going after at this moment of high school.
Activities: I volunteered at the CIS at my elementary school, I have been apart of Japan Club, Gaming Club, chess club, and Robotics club over the years.
Job Experience: I maybe able to get an internship come this summer with this professional Andrew Lowe, other than that I'm thinking at working at Dollar General to get some cash in order to buy stuff to get an headstart of my career.
Soft Skills: I'm working on a book so I got writing skills, other than that pop off the top of my head, but I'm still a teenager so I don't get good work ethic at the moment.
Hard Skills: I have experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Other: N/A #computer-science #computer-software

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Arthur M. Sep 20, 2016 1175 views
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Arthur M. Sep 17, 2016 408 views

What's the first thing to learn in order to be a web developer(accidently thought designer...)

I want to be a web developer with at least an understanding of computer programming, but I don't know where to...

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Arthur M. Sep 14, 2016 631 views

Which is better for an IT job? Trade school or college?

I'm thinking of going to CTC and then ito a 4 year, but I'm not sure about the money used vs money gained. Any help for this alongside recommendations? #computer-programming #web-development...