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What do paramedics study?

I would like to start learning now to get a head start on the subjects paramedics study. science health anatomy paramedic ambulance

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5 answers

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aftab’s Answer

Paramedic certificate programs combine classroom lectures and applied skill labs with clinical experiences in a variety of settings, including hospitals and ambulances. They're designed to train aspiring paramedics to provide advanced life support in emergency situations, including IV initiation and drug administration. Certificate programs usually include coursework in:
Patient assessment
Airway management
Medical emergency management
Medical care for special populations
They also gain extensive clinical field experiences that prepare them to recognize, assess and manage medical emergencies of injured or acutely ill patients. Areas of study include:

Anatomy and physiology
Trauma management
Advanced respiratory care

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saloni’s Answer

hi.. there are many courses available these days assuring expertise and deep knowledge of any field. please follow the link for one such engineering entrance exam.

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Vijendra Singh’s Answer

Paramedic Science covers a broad range of areas both practical and theoretical. Although most courses have core subjects that will not differ in content, you will need to check with your preferred institution directly to find out the exact subjects you will be studying and in what way they will be studied. Common subjects covered include:

Psychology and Communications
Social Sciences
Health Promotion
Medical Design
Clinical / Professional Studies
Clinical Skills and Behaviours
Applied Anatomy
Applied Psychology
Structure and Function of Contemporary Health Services
Driving Emergency Service Vehicles
Accident and Emergency Care
Managing and Facilitating Appropriate Options for Patients
Managing trauma and Environmental Emergencies
Recognising and Managing Illness
Maternity and Paediatric Care
Practical Placements can make up up to 40% of the course

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David’s Answer

Paramedic school was exhausting, but it was fun! The most important subject to study, is Advanced Cardiac Life Support. All the others are much easier. I got the book and studied it before paramedic school. Here are some of the frequent calls you will answer 911. Breathing difficulty, chest pain cardiac, unconscious person, injured person, motor vehicle collision and pedestrian struck.

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kinjalk’s Answer

Paramedical Courses are concerned with emergency medical services or healthcare required in the pre-hospital environment. The paramedical courses are available in three formats:-

  • I. Bachelor’s Degree Courses
  • II. Diploma Certificate Courses
  • III. Certificate Courses

There are multiple courses which can be pursued, some of them are enlisted below:-

Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy

B.SC In Radiography

Audiology And Speech Therapy careers

Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

Bachelor Of Physiotherapy

Read more :- here