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Vijendra Singh Thakur, Lean Six Sigma

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Vincent ’s Avatar
Vincent Mar 17, 2014 2368 views

How does one get into the gaming industry?

This career interests me a lot and I want to pursue this career. #gaming

Shelyiah’s Avatar
Shelyiah Apr 08, 2014 1237 views

Does sports management make any money?

I'm asking because I'm interested and I don't want to go into a career and have no money. #sports-agent #sport

Ciara’s Avatar
Ciara May 07, 2014 1493 views

What do paramedics study?

I would like to start learning now to get a head start on the subjects paramedics study. #science #health #anatomy #paramedic #ambulance

Sahil’s Avatar
Sahil Jun 15, 2014 2102 views

what is a mechanical engineer

I really want to be a mechanical engineer so I want to know what is mechanical engineering #engineering #mechanical

Ezra’s Avatar
Ezra Jun 19, 2014 866 views

Hi, How attainable is a good career in Information Technology?

I just finished my first degree in computer engineering, with a 2:2. and recently gained admission to study Information technology at MSc level. I however have completed my CCNP cisco examinations and confused on career paths to take as I'm also interested in information/ cyber security...