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Kellie A. Dec 15, 2014 951 views

What types of classes will I be taking if I want want to major in accounting?

I am a high school student and have taken accounting classes at my school and I am thinking about continuing my education after high school to major in accounting. #finance #marketing #economics...


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kelsey L. Oct 26, 2016 647 views

Is it a good idea to get CPA certified?

After you get your accounting degree, is it beneficial to get CPA certified? Would it help your career if you do so? #business #degree #masters #accountant #administration #in #bachelor...


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Dillon H. Oct 31, 2016 726 views

Why should I get an economics degree to further my career managing a baseball team?

Most people working in Major League Baseball as management already have a degree, but instead of a major in actual sports management, they have economics. Why is that? What does economics have to do with baseball? #business-management #economics #sports-management...


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Thythy T. Sep 27, 2017 577 views

Do you ever get bored of being an accountant?

I am asking because I want to do something related to math, but do not want to be stuck doing the same thing everyday and eventually getting bored. Because I have worked so hard for a job, I do not want to end up not liking it. #accountant...


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Annette C. Sep 28, 2017 448 views
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Michael O. Sep 28, 2017 1919 views

What is the best part about being an accountant?

I have considered about doing something with math, and I like doing computer work, so I think that will be a good job for me....


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Eduardo M. Sep 28, 2017 742 views

Is accounting a career that will be unecessary in the near future?

Technology has advanced to the point where accountants are near useless, and thus wanted an opinion from different people. #accounting #financial-accounting #dead #useless...


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Taylor U. Sep 29, 2017 378 views

If I graduate with an accounting degree should I continue to become a CPA? What advantage does the certification offer?

In some states, becoming a CPA requires another year of school, graduate degree...


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Grace H. Sep 29, 2017 442 views
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Nahom W. Sep 29, 2017 467 views
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Lauren P. Sep 29, 2017 409 views

As a future business owner, how many accounting classes should I take in college or should I rely on a professional accountant to handle my business finances?

I am a high school culinary student and would like to own my own restaurant one day. I would like to know if it is usual for a restaurant owner use an accountant to handle their finances or if not how many accounting classes will prepare me to be a business owner. Thnak you! #futurechef #cpa...