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Why should I get an economics degree to further my career managing a baseball team?

Asked Nebraska, Nebraska

Most people working in Major League Baseball as management already have a degree, but instead of a major in actual sports management, they have economics. Why is that? What does economics have to do with baseball? #business-management #economics #sports-management #sports-marketing

3 answers

venkatesh’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Baseball has been a business since the 1860s when organised teams first started paying their players. Since then, baseball has become a huge business enterprise earning billions of dollars each year. In this unit, students will be introduced to basic economic concepts such as goods and services, supply and demand, and competition. Each lesson includes an activity that will allow students to practice recognising these concepts as they relate to professional baseball. Students will also have the opportunity to practice their math skills as they calculate prices of various ballpark items.

Emily’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
Managing a baseball team most likely includes more responsibilities than those covered with a sports management degree. The baseball team is a franchise which is responsible for making a profit. While a winning record may lead to financial success, there a multiple other decisions in which an economic background would be beneficial. Check out the movie Moneyball as a fun way to explore this!

Ann’s Answer


There is a philosophy that drafting and trading players is very similar to studying the economy. In fact building baseball teams is all based on numbers and statistics. That is why many will recommend an economics to degree to manage a baseball team.

Ann recommends the following next steps:

  • Read the book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. It is the story of creating a winning team with all average players. To really understand the story you need to read the book. Though the movie is good, it doesn't truly explain the economic theory.
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