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Selena Sep 19, 2022 344 views

what are 3 questions i should ask a student who are working to become CMAs

im a student who wants to become a CMA and i need some good questions to ask a student who is become a CMA but are more far a long then i would be

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 28, 2022 265 views

What does your weekends normally are like within your field?

I am on my way to getting a CNA and been wanting to be a RN with a bachelor's, and I'm wondering if I will have weekends off or if/when I have weekends if it would be like weekdays?

Lania’s Avatar
Lania Sep 09, 2022 185 views

What is the career ladder for this position?

I was wondering if you have to have your CNA before you try to receive your LPN or RN.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 07, 2022 225 views

Associates degree for better nursing opportunities?

Would earning my Associates degree be more helpful in finding better nursing jobs? Being a RN sounds like a great career, and all i would need is an Associates and some experience. could getting my associates open up more technical careers within the healthcare industry to better learn about...

Carolyn’s Avatar
Carolyn Aug 16, 2018 536 views

Do colleges look for involvement with sports and organizations?

I participate in cheerleading, track and field, fellowship of christian atheles, younglife, and multiple volunteering programs. Are colleges interested in students tha can balance these things and maintaining a good GPA. Basically, what impact does extra-curriculars bring to the college world....

Danessa’s Avatar
Danessa Sep 12, 2022 211 views

what is the best type of places to work during college ?

I will be needing a job when I head off to college.

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Sep 19, 2022 162 views

Any ideas about what careers I should look into?

I am a 16-year-old high school junior in NYC. I am the captain of my varsity basketball team and very interested in careers related to sports. I enjoy coaching, organizing, and running events particularly for younger kids. For example, I’ve coached both basketball and soccer and ran my own...

Rocio’s Avatar
Rocio Mar 21, 2018 464 views

A couple of my strongest strengths are being honest and very reliable. What are some other jobs in the medical field besides a nurse that I could possibly go to college for? (ShytoriB)

#Strengths #Medical #Field

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Apr 19, 2018 736 views

How hard is it to get into a nursing program/medical school?

#nursing #medical-practice #nurse #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Oct 08, 2012 2117 views

Do you ever feel like it gets gross when being a nurse?

I dont like germs but, nurses interest me. I want to know if you ignore the germs when being a nurse. Please help! #nurse

Esme’s Avatar
Esme Oct 19, 2020 186 views

How much money would I earn an hour?

I like to help people. #nurse

Alayna’s Avatar
Alayna Sep 16, 2022 151 views

What is stability in life?

What is the meaning of stability of life?

Kamari’s Avatar
Kamari Sep 16, 2022 189 views

What make people enjoy their career or their job on a daily basis

What make people enjoy their career or their job on a daily basis. How do they manage when they get stressed out during hard times when working with customers.

tyree’s Avatar
tyree Sep 16, 2022 141 views

why u try to have a good job

why u try have a good job

Shyann’s Avatar
Shyann Sep 16, 2022 230 views


I mainly see people work in retail, and that's good but just not for me. I've been thinking about if college is right for me, and it's still undecided. But when I come to a decision, if I decide to NOT go to college what to do ? A job of course, but is there anything other than retail that'll...