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A couple of my strongest strengths are being honest and very reliable. What are some other jobs in the medical field besides a nurse that I could possibly go to college for? (ShytoriB)

Asked Kankakee, Illinois

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Victoria’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hi Rocio,

This is a great question. There are so many great jobs in the medical field and you can have a big impact on making your patients' lives better. Healthcare is a field that requires a lot of trust, reliability, and compassion. These careers are very in demand and you will have many job opportunities.

Volunteering can help you see what types of patients or careers are most interesting to you. You might prefer to work with children or veterans or the elderly. You might like to work in a hospital or a clinic or a school. These careers provide a lot of flexibility and options.

Check out this article on 50 possible careers. if you see something interesting check it off and try to find more about it. See what kind of schooling it requires and work with your local community college adviser to talk about strategies for achieving your goals. You are on an amazing and wonderful journey!

Victoria recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out this article for a list of 50 Healthcare Careers: https://www.medicaltechnologyschools.com/medical-lab-technician/top-50-healthcare-careers-list-2016
  • Try to volunteer in a hospital or clinic so that you can see what career looks the most interesting to you.
Thank you so much I appreciate I’m gonna look into it
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