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Does getting involved in undergraduate research help students get into medical school?

I want to prepare myself for med school. #medicine #medical-practice #medical-education

Hi Breanna, Yes, getting involved in undergraduate research would help, but I wouldn't say it would increase your chance of getting into medical schools. Doing research in a lab or like fellowship is necessary if you are going into the medical field. For example, some are even just jogging down notes as the doctors said the prescription and the things they need for the next operation. Also, doing research can help you get close to a medical group. After you graduate, they could hire you, which increase the chance of getting employed after college. Wish you the best luck of getting into a medical school. It is competitive. Joy Joy Z.

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3 answers

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Robert’s Answer

Although doing research might help, the most important determining factor is your grades in the pre medicine courses and your MCAT score. Doing a major which shows your interest in related areas such as psychology also helps.

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Directing academic exploration can now and again improve a clinical school candidate's odds of confirmation, however, research experience doesn't naturally prompt acknowledgment, as indicated by doctors and clinical school authorities.
Dr. Fred M. Jacobs, leader VP of St. George's University – a worldwide clinical school – and the previous seat of its division of medication, says convincing exploration experience can improve the bid of a premed with solid scholarly capabilities. Be that as it may, it can't make up for an inferior scholarly exhibition.

T. LAURENTONY recommends the following next steps:

In case you're a decent student and you're getting passing marks and your scores and the normalized tests are unrivaled, that is the sort of student recommended to proceed to do explore in the event that you need to. "In case you're a normal student, you're at risk to mess yourself up, in light of the fact that you fundamentally don't have time.So, you are not doing alright, all things considered, examination ought not be the main concern on your rundown.

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Richard’s Answer

In general your extra curricular activities should support the idea that you are totally committed to a medical career so research in the basic sciences is a great idea.