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What would be the best curriculum for undergrad to apply for any top P.A. program?

Currently enrolled in college to start all undergrad work towards becoming a P.A.

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2 answers

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Mallory’s Answer

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Each PA school evaluates you on your completion of prereqs, GPA, personal statement, patient hours, and maybe GRE. All schools have different prereqs and prefer somethings more than others. For example, one school wants minimum of 3,000 hrs and biochem. I knew I didn't want to take biochem and wouldn't have that many hours. I applied to schools that emphasized other things.

Research the requirements at the top 5 schools you want to go to and then plan your schedule/life to make sure you can fulfill those requirements. After you've made sure you're going to take the basic required courses, the most important thing is making sure you can get your direct patient care hours somehow. Also, enjoy the present, don't just live for the future. Make sure you're taking at least one class that's just interesting or just plain fun.

Mallory recommends the following next steps:

Look at the course requirements at schools you'd like to attend
Start working directly with patients
Take classes you just find fun

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Hwal’s Answer


The best curriculum for you would be one you enjoy the most, because it doesn't matter what your major is as long as you have completed prerequisites for the program you want to apply to along with other application requirements.

Good luck!