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How would I go about becoming an ultrasound technician?

I am in an early college high school with my associate's in science but I want to be an ultrasound technician. #technician #medicine #oncology #doctor #high-school

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2 answers

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Latisha’s Answer

Hi Jaayna,

Becoming an ultrasound technician requires you to obtain certification in that field. You attend a medical "trade" school which has the program. Once you complete the program, and obtain a certain amount of hours working hands on in a local doctor office, radiology facility, or hospital, you can then sit for the ARDMS exam. Passing this exam and obtaining certification shows potential hiring managers you are serious about the profession, and that you have studied the curriculum, had enough hands on experiences, and have perfected your craft. You don't necessarily need a college degree to do this, but it is good that you have an associates in the science field, as this will help you to understand the terminology better when studying to become an ultrasound tech. A typical program is about 18 months, with an additional couple of months interning, so be prepared to spend an additional 2 years of studying.

Another bit of advice, if you do, consider these schools tend to be on the expensive side, and don't offer scholarships like local colleges and universities. Also, when and if you do complete the program try to obtain a job in a hospital for the first couple of years, rather than a local Dr. / radiology office, as you will be exposed to many different anomalies which in turn will help you gain more experience in the field. Many want to go into a specialization, such as OB (obstetrics) which is cool, but limits your learning abilities if you do this early on.

Here are some helpful links:

Good luck!!

Best L.
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Kess’s Answer

For general information, Latisha's answer is spot on! There are multiple schools and programs for sonography. I, personally, adore community colleges.

Here are just some local school programs that might interest you:

Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School

Pima Medical Institute - Houston

The College of Health Care Professions

and Houston Community College

Kess recommends the following next steps:

When selecting a school, see which ones have the best placement rates, accreditation, and which will take transfer units since you already have completed multiple classes